Kirill Baliasnikov

Frontend developer with 10+ years of experience

Turn design into visually stunning and user-friendly products with React and Next.js. I am an avid explorer of emerging technologies, ever eager to experiment and push boundaries.


2021 – Current

I collaborate with a design studio Wednesday. We are an independent award winning design studio building the open web. We provide services in brand identity, Ul/UX, and website design.


Decentralized protocol where anyone can permissionlessly buy, sell, and create NFTs. In two years, we have launched several projects together and worked on different versions of the storefront.

  • Twitter-like homepage; A feed of personalized recommendations assembled from multiple third-party APIs and Sanity for curated collections.
  • Zine media. Platform made by and for cultural communities utilizing blockchain.
  • Zine Supply. Web3-based solution allowing users to redeem NFTs for physical magazine copies. Used Supabase for data management and integrated Shopify for efficient delivery processes.
  • A lot of landings, such as API, ZDK and Zoratopia.

Friends With Benefits

  • Created a 2022 hackathon platform facilitating user collaboration to solve problems as teams.



  • Los Angeles based fashion startup with all pieces handmade locally. For a year and a half, we've been maintaining a store on Shopify.

Side Projects

From 2019

I'm interested in web3, history, media, and fashion. If you're interested in collaborating with me, feel free to message anytime.



  • Digital goods marketplace built on a legacy CMS, enhanced with GraphQL and powered by Next.js. Integrated Stripe. My role involves frontend development and UI enhancements.


  • Launched NFT artist platform with curated collections and exclusive club access in just two weeks with a small team.

Future Architecture Rooms

The Constructor


2016 – 2021

I've worked with Meduza, an independent news publication, from 2016 to 2021, focusing on front-end development for the majority of our projects.

  • Played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining the frontend of a news platform and various editorial services, including a proprietary CMS, daily online text broadcasts, game mechanics, and tools to overcome censorship in authoritarian countries.
  • Executed the migration of AMP from a legacy stack to Next.js, ensuring improved performance and modernized architecture.
  • Landing pages for projects such as The Storm Conference and Journalism Schools.
  • Launched and provided ongoing support for KIT and Signal email newsletters.
  • Participated in a crowdfunding campaign with seamless Stripe integrations.

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