Updated 20/01/2023

Hey! I'm Kirill

With 10+ years as a frontend developer, I turn design into visually stunning and user-friendly products using React and Next.js. Based in Bangkok, I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to innovate in web development.

I'm interested in web3, history, media, and fashion. If you want to collaborate with me on something please write on


Since 2016, I have been part of the team at Meduza, an independent news publication, where I am responsible for the front-end development of most of our projects.


I collaborate with a design studio Wednesday. We are an independent award winning design studio building the open web. We provide services in brand identity, Ul/UX, and website design.

For Zora we make website, zine and landings API, ZDK and Zoratopia.

  • FWB Rally;
  • WalletCon. The first conference entirely dedicated to the wallet experience;
  • Sona. A music platform that puts artists in control of the culture they create;
  • PerfectNumber. Los Angeles based fashion startup with all pieces handmade locally.